Success Stories

Student of economics, UFM

Anderson is a young man who has distinguished himself by the interest he shows in improving his social environment while advancing his studies.

In the summer of 2018, he had the opportunity to take a scholarship to study economics classes at the UFM Madrid campus. He also...

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Industrial Engineer, UTEC

Fundación Educación helped me in two ways. On the one hand, on an economic level, by paying 50% of the costs of my last semesters. On the other hand, on a professional level, by being able to expand my network at meetings organized by Fundación Educación and being assigned...

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Ingeniero en Mecatrónica, Universidad Don Bosco

Me gradué en Ingeniería Mecatrónica de la Universidad Don Bosco, en enero de 2019 gracias al apoyo de Fundación Educación.

Al inicio de mi carrera universitaria tuve muchas dificultades para realizar mis estudios, ya que el negocio familiar estaba en...

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Student of Engineering Geology, PUCP

Jorge is enthusiastic about his field of study: it is varied, exciting and helps to meet people's needs. It is also highly relevant due to the continuing global demand for minerals and the fact that Peru is a commodity country.

Already awarded several times for...

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Student of Mechatronic Engineering, UVG

For Pablo Roberto the scholarship has meant the opportunity to achieve dreams and goals that he would not have been able without the support provided by Fundación Educación.

In 2018, Pablo and his team at UVG won first place in the Innovation and Technology...

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Student of Production Engineering, EAFIT

It would not have been possible for me to study at a university as renowned as EAFIT without the support of Fundación Educación.

Studying at EAFIT has also enabled me to obtain numerous additional qualifications and international certifications (e.g. Black...

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Student of Industrial Engineering, ITCA

I spent my childhood at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital because of hemophilia, an hereditary disease characterized by a blood clotting defect.

The doctors said that I would not have a normal life. I couldn't play with the children from the neighborhood and I did...

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Industrial Engineer, PUCP

2016 was a very gratifying year, because thanks to the support of Fundación Educación I achieved one of my main objectives: to become a professional with solid knowledge and values.

Currently, I work as an analyst in the area of continuous improvement of an airport...

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Student of Computer Science, UFM

Juan Diego's passion for his career leads him to have an excellent academic performance and to excel in the diverse projects he has been able to carry out as part of his studies.

Last year, together with his team at UFM, they designed a remote-controlled vehicle...

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Student of Telecommunication Engineering, UDB

I've always had a passion for technology. When I started my studies, I focused on finishing my degree and helping my family once I got a job.

I got a scholarship from Fundación Educación, which also gave me the opportunity to learn English and work...

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