Success Stories

Entrepreneurship, UFM

Ruby's passion is entrepreneurship.

While completing her «Entrepreneurship» studies at UFM, she has launched two projects on entrepreneurship that are already generating income:

The organization «Emprendekids» is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among children aged 8...

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Student of Product Design Engineering, EAFIT, formerly IPJB

Since my school days at the Instituto Pedro Justo Berrío, one of my biggest dreams was to study at EAFIT University.

Thanks to the support of the Fundación Educación, I can now do so despite our limited financial capacity. My dream has...

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Student Business Administration, UDB

In a Soft Skills seminar I developed skills such as effective communication, leadership, teamwork and empathy. Furthermore, as a volunteer of Fusalmo Big Band, I had the privilege of enlivening an artistic event at the Library of the Legislative Assembly of El...

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Mechanical Engineering, PUCP

I always completed my studies in the upper fifth of the year.

The question for my thesis developed from a term paper: «How can the design of the burners that are commercially available in Peru be improved so that the pressure is reduced and the efficiency increased,...

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Economics, UFM

Anderson studied economics at UFM. In his last year of studies, he worked as an assistant professor and won scholarships to take courses at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and to participate in the «FEEcon» conference on entrepreneurship and freedom.

Since December 2019, Anderson...

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Student Automation Engineering, UDB

During 2019 I did my internship at the University's Automation laboratory, in the assembly of auto- matic control panel equipment and control panels for laboratory practices. Further, I participated in the competition «National Award for Scientific and/or...

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Student of Systems Engineering, EAFIT, formerly IPJB

Fundación Educación took on my education costs when we could no longer pay the school fees for the Instituto Pedro Justo Berrío (IPJB) due to my father's unemployment.

At the IPJB I was awarded as best in software development. So, I started...

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Student Mechatronics Engineering, UDB

Due to my good academic performance, I have applied for an exchange program at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. Here, I will spend the last semester of my studies. Thanks to the support of Fundación Educación, I will be able to acquire new...

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Industrial Production and Management, TECSUP

In April 2019, I participated with colleagues in the Hult Prize, an international entrepreneurship competition, with a project based on potato biofuel. As the winner of TECSUP, we were allowed to travel to Bogotá; however, we had to find sponsors for the...

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Student Economics and Business, ESEN

I am studying the last year of my degree in Economics and Business at the Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN) with an honorary CUM. I am a young woman committed to the mission: "education is the best tool to empower the population" so in my free time...

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